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Course Description

A  Body Massage treatment is an opportunity for you to give your client a relaxing and enjoyable treatment designed to encourage a feeling of well being.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about offering a professional body massage and includes a practical training session and assessment.

The Body Massage course follows the National Occupational Standards and covers reception, consultation and ventilation.  It also covers anatomy & physiology, contra-indications and contra-actions, skin conditions, preparing for treatment, massage techniques and a full body massage routine.

The Body Massage Award is accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists, the UK’s leading professional beauty trade body.

Six of the modules will also be assessed at a one-day / 2 day assessment depending on your chosen group size.  You will have the opportunity to practice the routine on friends and family before being assessed by an experienced tutor at a time to suit you.  On completion of the course, successful students will receive a Body Massage certificate which is acceptable for insurance purposes with The Guild of Beauty Therapists.

Course Syllabus

  • The Swedish Body Massage Therapy Course is split into the following modules:
  • Introduction, Reception, Consultation and Ventilation
  • The Cellular System
  • The Muscular System
  • Muscle Positions and Actions Part 1
  • Muscle Positions and Actions Part 2
  • The Skeletal System Bone Structure
  • The Skeletal System Bone Position
  • The Circulatory System
  • The Lymphatic System
  • The Nervous and Endocrine System
  • The Respiratory System and Digestive System
  • The Skin
  • Contra-indications and Contra-actions
  • Preparing For Treatment
  • Massage Technique
  • Perform Manual Massage – Front Of The Leg
  • Perform Manual Massage – Hand And Arm
  • Perform Manual Massage -Neck, Shoulder & Chest
  • Perform Manual Massage – Abdominal And Back Of Leg
  • Perform Manual Massage – Back And Neck
  • Treatment Adaptations And Aftercare


Assessment will be online for the theory and will be completed before the practical session takes place. A practical assessment will also be taken place.


On successful completion of the Body Massage Course. The certificate will be available to download or a hard copy may be purchased at a cost to yourself.

Course Format

This course is delivered through blended learning, the theory being delivered online. Once the theory has been completed, Learners of the course will receive an email, you will then register your details and gain access to the theory sessions. Once completed we will contact you to arrange a training day to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have enrolled on the course and paid the course fee, you will have immediate access to the online course modules which means you can start learning straight away. Practical training will be provided within three weeks of completion of the theory aspect of the course.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

The time it takes to complete the course will depend on how quickly you learn as an individual, and also on the number of hours per day you spend on it. Most students are able to complete the course within approximately 21 hours of study. The practical element of the course will require one or two days depending on chosen group size.

Is there a time limit for completing the course?


Is the course accredited?

The course is fully accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists for membership and insurance and follows the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for beauty, nails and holistic guidelines.

Is the course accredited for Continuing Professional Development – CPD?
Yes. The course is accredited by the Guild and is worth 39 CPD points.

Tutor Support

Once registered you will be given an email where you can contact if assistance is needed.

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